22 hours to go.

Hey babies. Tomorrow is the big day. We get on a plane and fly away from your home, your Papa, your people, your playgrounds and teachers. Your life. MY life. I have done this before, so it’s less hard for me. What’s different is that this time I am watching you do it and we know how your mama gets all deep and squishy and feels what you feel. I want you to know that this is a great adventure. That it’s ok to be sad. That it’s ok to be a little mad at me at first. But then. Then, we have to just get ok with it and live our lives. Which I know you will do. We’ve rented a beautiful home (you get a pool! hello!) and we get to just start fresh together. Btw- Little One, this does in fact mean that you will now be sleeping in your own room. Like, the whole night. Every night (she says with hubris). And Big One, this means much less TV and much more outdoors for you. It’s not that we’re lazy or don’t do good and outdoorsy things with you, but sometimes I think we’ve just gotten into a routine and it’s a little lax around here. Gonna ship out and shape up; in all the ways you can read that sentence.

K, so I will just say it: I am nervous. I am scared. I am afraid you will hate me. I am terrified you’ll resent me. I am owning this.

And then I am going to put those things aside. Acknowledge and then sweep it away. Cause I am also giving you a beautiful gift in showing you how to take a measured risk. How to follow your dreams and hitch your wagon to the right star. So again, (future therapist reading this blog) remember that I did this FOR YOU and with all the best intentions. Love you. 

Also- could you please, please puh-lease sleep on the plane? Thanksabunch. 

xo Mom

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