Laced ice cream.

Big One- I totally just drugged you with valium in a bowl of vanilla ice cream! How is this real life?! 

We’re heading to the dentist in a bit for your very first filling and so, as is always the case, Mama also had a first: sneakily grinding up a narcotic in the kitchen and masking it in cold, vanilla-y goodness, then scooping it into your baby mouth. And now, I am watching you from across the room, with my breath half held. 

Why is it that being a mom is also like being a doctor? Or a drug dealer? Except, like, NO ONE GAVE ME A DEGREE OR 10 YEARS OF SCHOOL for this! I, of course, did the scary Googling part yesterday and read every horror story out there about pediatric dentist visits and properly panicked the crap out of myself… then I did the smart thing and texted cousin Nurse Robin who’s married to Dr. Uncle Cousin Mike and they looked up the dosing and assured me this was all on the up and up. But HELL how’s a Mama to KNOOOW?! 

Being a Mom, to me, sometimes feels like skydiving with a parachute on your back that you’re only pretty sure will open but you have to smile and say “it’s ok! of course it will open!” to everyone who asks you. Ferthelove of Bob. 

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