Headshot edit 2Welcome to our little family scrapbook. Please take off your shoes, put on your comfy pants and pour a cup of something warm. It’s not always perfect or pretty, but this is who we are. How’d we get our name? When he was 3, Big One, came up to me (after a small tiff with the Husband) and said “Mommy, does your heart hurt?” I said, “a little.” “It’s ok Mama, I hold your heart.” And he placed his sweet little baby boy hand over my heart… and well, held it. I melted in a puddle of Mommy love and marshmallows. And then realized that I needed to be writing these things down. Like, for real. So here I am, about a year later, starting to write so that they know who they were, who I was and how we got where we are.

Flash forward and I am now a single mom to two boys, wild for the truth. I speak, write, and wrangle a life of carefully managed chaos. I am also a full time Googler, and running coach on the side. I have weathered my share of storms, presented (to some extent) in 2015’s production of Listen to Your Mother: Charleston, and continue to live with a heart broken wide open.

Speak. Write. Sing. Truth. Here’s our story of becoming who we are, why we are and who we hope to be. Thank you for reading!

The words, opinions and sentiments shared on this blog are mine alone and do not represent that of my employer or any other entity. 





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