Book Review: Love Warrior

LoveWarrior.pngI was overjoyed to receive an Advance Reading Copy of G’s book. I mean, I am a Monkee through and through. I have been a fan for years, seen her speak multiple times, hugged her sweet Mama and Sister, and have mutual friends; all of whom are a part of G’s wild group of warriors, spanning all walks of life. Some of my dearest tribe members are women I met through the power of G. That book I’m holding over there is strong, raw, beautifully crafted and a gift from the deepest corner of her heart to all of us. So why has it taken me so long to write about it? Why haven’t I shouted from the rooftops? Because, like G and so many of you, I have a very, very hard time sitting with pain. And this book? It touched me right in my most raw spot. It’s salt in a wound that has not healed. But it’s also perfection– and it’s going to move you.

The day that I found out my “News” the first person that I messaged via FB was Glennon Doyle Melton.  She wrote right back and said “no matter what, know that this is not about you. Not. About. You.” It seemed impossible at the time that infidelity had nothing to do with the other person, the person left behind at home wondering, simmering, smoldering, hurting… but she was right. Of course.

And I knew that she knew because she’d written, to some extent at that point, about her own experience on her blog when her News came down. We Monkees rallied around our girl, and at the time I thought– holy hell. Just holy hell.

What I didn’t know is that several months later, I myself would be sinking into my own personal, and holy, hell. One all too similar (shockingly so) to her story.

When I heard that G was writing this next book on the very topic of her News and subsequent journey, my first, rather visceral, reaction was “I can’t read it.”

See, she stayed and I didn’t. And I thought, “what if I read it and realize I made a mistake? What if it’s too hard for me to read? What if they are too perfect at the end?”

And then, I sucked it up and pre-ordered, knowing I’d have months to work myself up to it. I didn’t have to READ it when it came. I could just put it on my nightstand with Brene, Elizabeth, and G’s first book. They’d all just hang.


The ARC copy showed up early with an ask to post reviews and help lift one of my very favorite people as she gives her newest word babies to the world– her most important and scariest to write words yet.

I thought, “Shit, now I have to read it. Fine.” 

Cautiously, night after night I took a deep breath and read as much as I could. And, of course, nodded, laughed, AMEN’d, cried, rejoiced, and thought “Girl, wow. We are all so much more alike than different.” I wondered if that was a shame or a joy, given the circumstances. Yes, we’re alike, but we’re alike in jagged, jacked up ways. Might we still be alike in the redemptive ways, too? I hope so.

Friends, I saw myself in every part of this book– and I didn’t look away. I allowed G to gently hold up a mirror because she herself was so, so brave in sharing each and every word of the book. When you read this book, because you absolutely must, you will realize that you too, have a mandate for truth. You too have a story to tell– even if it’s just to yourself. G’s Love Warrior is as much a memoir as it is a call to action. For you to recognize your own BS and bravely walk into the truth.

I’m still very slowly and reluctantly on that path. In fact, I am trying desperately as I type this to not call forth my “Representative” (G’s term)– aka the person I think the world should see, wants to see, believes me to be because she’s fun, funny, quirky, OUT there. All the things I am not really, totally, on the inside. And instead, just write from the shaky place where all the parts of me meet, joining my mind, body and spirit; just as G describes in this book. It’s the least I can do.

Friends: who reading this, right now, needs to read this book? Needs a copy of it? See, I pre-ordered and then was gifted this now dog-eared, busted up and loved on ARC copy. So I am going to give away my pre-order copy! Please comment here on the blog, or on my FB page before midnight Monday and I’ll randomly draw a name the day the book officially drops: Tuesday 9/6 and get it to you as fast as I can.

Glennon, sweet friend: THANK YOU. Thank you for this book, your word babies, and trusting us with your raw account of a deeply personal matter. This book is going to touch lives in ways you cannot imagine.



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