Leaving you.

My sweet boys- there are no words to describe how hard it is to leave you for a few days to head down South and find our new home. I’ve gotten more or less used to walking away in the morning as I head to work and you head to days filled with adventure, pirate treasure hunts, park dates, forts built and lego cities. But there’s something about the sacred nighttime and being far from you… it hurts me in a place I can’t quite describe. In my head I know you will be fine and I will be fine (and hell probably actually SLEEP for the next few nights) but I will worry and I will hear your voices through the phone and try to decipher if you ate well/slept well/miss me too much. It’s hard for this mama heart, but I know it’s also good for us, good for you and the thing we need to do to make this all happen. Lucky for me, your Papa is actually super good at this and while it makes me nervous, I know the three of you will sleep snuggled together; my pile of sleeping pups. Love you guys.

xo Mama


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