Inaugural (training wheels) Post: No judgies please.

Confession: I have had a blog before. 2 of them actually; one in Guatemala when I went to Central America to “find myself” but instead found your Papa and came back with a rather pricey “souvenir” (ahem, Big One, I am looking at you). That blog actually had some really beautiful stuff written in it and is a great window into who your Mommy was… an idealist, a lover, a thinker and above all, fiercely adventurous. The second one came with you Big One. I wanted to stay home and be a super famous Mommy Blogger and get “discovered” and go to awesome conventions and speak about all my amazing insights on this twisted thing we call Motherhood while women sat around me nodding knowingly and laughing/crying at appropriate moments. Um, hello, welcome reality: a FT job, your PAPA (dear god, that man. For better or for worse people), our dog, our home (tell me, were we ever actually able to PURCHASE a home?!), your grandparents and well, the two of you. Soooooo.

This blog is for you boys. It’s a place where I am going to do my very best to be honest. To share who I am, who you are right now in this moment and as you grow. God you are both really freaking cute- you should see your naked butts, I could actually eat them. You are best friends, you share a room, and just this week you had your first knock-down drag out brawl. Over an empty plastic bag. (I did not say either of you were geniuses, just that you were cute.)

But for real, I want to make a record for you of where we came from; our journey, our life and our story. I mean, you’re the first generation to grow up on the internet, to have pictures of your births immortalized in the cloud (sorry about the straight up one of your boy-parts on FB Big One, bad call on my part. Blame the pain meds.), and so I want you to have something to refer to. Ya know, like some day when you head to therapy. Instead of having to dredge up blocked childhood memories like the rest of us, you’ll be all like, hey actually, my Mom totally documented this online, here ya go Dr. Shrink. Trust me, it will save all of you a lot of time and money. You’re welcome sweeties.

So here we go.

Rules of engagement: I will tell the truth. I will be silly. I will be sappy. I will use foul language (but you still may not, ahem). I will tell you the story of our lives. You might not always love what I write, but you will trust and respect it because I am writing this for the two people in the world I love the absolute most. You are my heart and my soul (but I won’t tell you who is who) and this my dears, is our story.

xo Mom

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