Be My Guest: 1

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 6.50.25 PM.pngYou know when like, you totally SHOULD have had an idea months ago, but it just never occurred to you to actually do it, and someone points it out and you literally want to slap your forehead?

Welcome to Guests Posts on I Hold Your Heart!

A dear friend of mine, who I have known since 2nd grade and is gorgeous, brilliant, fabulous and a mom to the CUTEST little buttons out there texted me and was like “I have a piece, I wrote a thing, do you have guest posts?”


[Small plug: if you are reading this and are like, “I have a thing to say, I want to get my feet wet, I want a blog but am a little nervous to start” and you want to submit?! Please comment and we’ll connect.]

Please join me in welcoming our first little guest post which is straight out of the brain and heart of a mama of two littles. I love her realness about the little things. ❤

Don’t freak out! It’s just a bow! Ok, a Sparkly Bow

It’s 8:00 a.m. and we are leaving our house with bags, lunches and bottles. After collecting a pool of sweat on my lower back, and hoping it doesn’t show through my shirt when I get to work, I reach daycare.

Ahhhh, daycare! The happy place where you can leave your kids and go to work and get some rest from parenting. When we arrive the teachers are frantically scrambling around looking for…. a bow. A bow….? A sparkly bow…..? A sparkly bow that must have magic powers I’m sure to evoke this response from the teachers.

And then it hits me, the lightbulb comes on, it’s not the bow, it’s the annoying parent that is attached to the bow. The parent that stuck the sparkly bow in her perfect daughter’s hair and will flip out about if it’s not located. A bow. Seriously.

Now, I’m not rich, and I know we all spend a lot on our kids, but really…..a bow! But, don’t think this phenomenon is only associated with bows. There are also the infamous sippy cups. Parents also flip out if their dear child’s sippy cup has been misplaced. Have you misplaced things at home with your children running around? Now add ten more screaming toddlers, and see how well you do keeping it all straight.

Bows, cups, towels, shirts, I mean seriously, get over it!

If any of us were so great at the job, we would be home doing the job with ten kids and we are not, we are safely hidden away at work, where things are predictable, bows don’t get lost and your coffee mug (adult sippy cups) never leaves your eyesight so as to not be mixed up with the other coffee mugs lurking about the office.

So the next time a care provider says we can’t find little Timmy’s cup or little Jenny’s bow, say “no worries, I’ll get another one at (insert your favorite store here),” or in reality just grab another from the five million you have at home, so that the people who care for your children for eight hours a day or more, aren’t spending their energy searching for a bow, but instead taking care of your kid.

And in the future, LEAVE ALL SPARKLY BOWS AT HOME! And we wonder why our kids flip out and struggle with the small things….

10:30 Spaghetti

My stomach is growling so loudly that my co worker can hear it next door. It’s only 10:30.

Yes, I ate breakfast, of course I did.

What self respecting mom of two doesn’t know to eat something in the morning after dropping off the kids at daycare.

Today, the yogurt is failing me. I even got the fancy Greek kind packed with protein. What’s wrong with me? I’m so hungry. Then I remember, I don’t think I ate dinner. I know I cooked dinner, I know my kids ate, but did I? Inquiring minds want to know.

After having kids you learn to like cold food, in fact if it’s even luke warm you feel like you’re at Ruth Chris Steakhouse with the sizzling plate.

But last night, I think I might have missed it. It’s so much easier to drink wine while making plates then actually making and eating your own plate. So I think I’ve solved the mystery. I missed dinner and I’m hungry.

But I did pack lunch. (Gotta save a buck by bringing my lunch to work. My husband finds this awesome of me, and he thanks me for the assistance towards the family budget.) But, it’s only 10:30. Should I eat now, and risk looking like the greedy lady who can’t wait until a respectable lunch time at least 11:45 a.m. That sounds better.

So I rummage through my desk drawer for sustenance and find Reese’s Pieces mini cups. Ohhh, the dark chocolate kind. I think I read something somewhere about antioxidants in dark chocolate. Could this tide me over for the next hour and fifteen minutes until the respectable lunch time, or will I go on a sugar high where my heart starts racing and I can’t focus and get any work done?

What else is in here….peanut butter crackers. YES! I can eat a package of those and that will surely last me.

Then I think about, who cares? I want my spaghetti and meat sauce, and yes, it’s 10:30.

So that’s is, today is 10:30 spaghetti day, and it’s all because I forgot to eat dinner.


Monise Brown is a wife and mother of two, a two year old and a seven month old.  She works as an attorney in Maryland.  She enjoys going to the spa, reading a good book and seeing a movie every now and then when she gains control of the remote control at home.



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