It’s all ok and I am not there. WHAT.

Babies! I am having a moment where it all just feels handled, fine, and I am not in control of every detail and I am not stressed about it. This is momentous, so I am memorializing it here. I am in another state for a conference, and one of you is home sick with Papa. We handled a long distance pre-school registration, a stomach bug, a half day at kindergarten, a house cleaning, travel and schedule changes… and it all just happened and is fine. I am away and it’s not all broken. First- thank the good Lord and the people I work with for TECHNOLOGY in such instances. But also, thank you to the woman who magically appeared in front of me Monday evening and shared this article on “busy-ness is the ultimate laziness.” Holy brilliance being dropped batman.

Carry on people of the world- cause guess what, even when things go wrong, the world still spins. Magic.

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