So I just read this and it took my breath away. What is that thing that’s buried most deeply? What is that thing that I am afraid to let out? What is the unsafe choice I can’t or won’t make? I say and really believe all these things all the time; like, if you have art in you, or a prayer in you, or electricity in you, you must let it OUT. So, am I doing this? Or am I perpetuating the “be a good girl safety net” that I was raised in? I mostly know that I have made some rebellious choices; my marriage, tattoos, picking up and moving to exotic locales. But when it really counts, and I day-in-day-out fantasize about being a dance teacher, starting a non-profit for migrant workers, finally training to teach yoga… I get sucked back into the safety zone.

What am I teaching you by doing this? What.



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