How is it MARCH?

Hi. It’s March. Like, actually, really not at all February anymore and in fact at least a week into March. It’s not that I mean to not write the things down… it’s that the things happen and I think “I should WRITE about that! Yes!” and then someone needs something like a bandaid or a bee removed from the screened porch. And then I do things like audition for Listen To Your Mother (what?! me?!) and then go to a conference and talk to 200 people like I know what I’m doing and it’s all audacious and yet somehow, life, this thing, it just keeps happening. 

And now it’s March.

I have this giant list of awesome Mommy things to accomplish– like planting our own vegetable garden. Me. Growing things and harvesting them so we can eat them. My co-worker mentioned something about tilling the other day and I was like “say more about this thing. This “tilling” you speak of.” Those cucumbers are a long way off babies. Point being, it’s beautiful springtime in the warm, breezy, glowy South Carolina Lowcountry– our first here– and I am ready to shake off the winter shell and start fertilizing things. Not sure if I mean tomatoes or something more, but it feels fresh and good. 

Love you two. 



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