The Chimney.

Hi, so we don’t HAVE a chimney. And Big One you are utterly and totally obsessed with this fact because you have been inundated with messages about how Santa comes down a chimney. It’s all Santa, all the time. One one hand, I like to use this to my advantage in my parenting kit of fun: “do you want me to call Santa right now? What would HE think of you drawing on the couch?” On the other hand, and the one that feels like the better parent thing to do… is to really, really encourage you to believe in goodness and light and magic during this very special time of year. To make it NOT about material gifts but the everyday gifts we can offer each other, our community and the world. This is a hard, hard thing to do as a parent. Especially when it’s so fun to see your eyes light up at a new toy or gadget. And when it’s such an effective threat. 

I know how incredibly blessed we are to be able to give you all of those things and more– not just on holidays, but just because. It’s my challenge as a parent to help you balance these two things. I want you to have everything in the world because I can give it to you. But I also want you to know that you are so very lucky– and it is our job, as the lucky ones, to then give back. Cause really, we are one step, one paycheck, one disease, one disaster away from being… well, not where we are. 

My wish in this very special time and season is that you know enough to know that you are special, but not so special that you can’t humble yourselves before others. Gift the gift of yourselves and give more than you get. Always.


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