I have to make decisions for you that will impact the whole rest of your life.

It’s so hard to make decisions for you when you’re both so tiny and really the only opinions you have are whether you want hotdogs or chicken nuggets (no judgements world, sometimes they’re organic) or that Ernie shouldn’t sing that song because Elmo will cry and then “they be not friends.” Yah. So really? How are we supposed to figure this out? Public? Private? Bilingual? Charter? The possibilities are endless and each require quite a bit of planning, paying attention to deadlines and lining up at 5 am to get a spot for Big One in the hopes that Little One will eventually be let in too (cause let’s face it, you’re really cute). The thing is is that we want the very best of absolutely everything in the world for you. I want a school that teaches you values, doesn’t care about the brand of your jeans, encourages creativity and world citizenship, where bullying is never tolerated and you don’t have to wear shoes (I think I just described Google. Just come to work with mama lovies.) But really, overall, I want a place where being different is normal, if that makes sense.

I grew up in a northern NJ suburb, that was slightly more “urb” than “sub” and went to school with children of every background you could think of and we really were a melting pot. Sure there were cliques, but really, everyone was represented and we all, more or less, got along. I want you to have that cause it’s what made the world a much more interesting place for me and I am sure launched my insatiable curiosity in world cultures and languages, plus made me seek out the very adventure that brought me to your Papa and you two.

Point being, I am torn about putting you in our very urban school setting lest my Heart and my Soul get less than perfect schooling, adoration and guidance (let alone physical safety). But it equally pains me to think of you two, my half-latino children of the world, in an all-white suburban school with no one else who looks like you (Little One) or is bilingual or who brings something different to the table.

This is all a preemptive apology really; sorry you had to go to elementary school in the underfunded urban district where your PreK class was in the trailers in the parking lot (no joke). OR you are super welcome for putting you through that progressive private school. OR, how lucky! You won a lottery spot in that awesome charter school! No matter what, this decision was not an easy one and came from a really genuine place.

Plus, how else would you have learned to defend yourself using only a paper clip, chewing gum and a broken crayon? You are welcome.

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