I am so fine.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 10.35.14 AMHi y’all, just a little note from this sister today…

Here’s the thing about writing for me: by the time I hit publish, I am like “YES, it’s out in the world, sweet relief!” And I move along. I need writing like some people need oxygen. It’s the way I move through stuff; always have. Once upon a time in my Lisa Frank notebook, now on the internet for all the world to see. Which sometimes I forget. That you can see it. And that, now, there are more than 1 or 2 of you reading this.

Let me tell you that here in this space and in all of the places I write, you will see and hear me be sad. Mad. Frustrated. Happy. Loved. Loving. Snarky. Silly. Remember, I am now feeling all the FEELS! So there’ll be one or two.

And let’s not forget the editorial process… whereby I submit something and weeks or months later editors are like, YUP, post this puppy! So see, I pour my heart out and move along. Then they release it into the world– my word babies become theirs and it’s sometimes exactly how I still feel, and other times just a snapshot in time of what was.

I don’t know quite why I felt like I needed to write this today– I don’t want to dance around some of the snarkiness or sadness I’ve felt lately, cause that’s super genuine. I just always forget that other people are going to read it. Cause forever I would write and write and NO ONE WAS READING. But now you are and I am so grateful that you take time to let me in. To say “me too.” It means the world.

Overall: I am so fine. Better than fine. I am awake. Thank you for reading and loving me. We’re good boos. 😉


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