Easter meditation.

09421kppKnowing when to hold your tongue. To pull your punches. To turn the other cheek.

It’s a really fine balance in this life– sharing your joys, your triumphs, the sweet happy moments with the world– and knowing that when you put it out in the universe, there will be lovers and haters. You have to make a judgement call and calculate your risks. But above all, live and speak your truth. You know how I feel about truthy-ness.

Today is Easter. And while we are not currently members of a church, and did not attend one this morning, there was something sacred about the sunrise today. Something extra beautiful in the birds chirping this morning; something whispering “He is Risen” in my ear. No matter your beliefs, the message is universal: We are born again. We get second chances. We recover. We rise. We believe that there’s something better than today, so we wake up tomorrow. (We also eat more jelly beans than God intended for human consumption, but that’s another post altogether.)

You spent this week of spring break with your, and my, beloved cousins. We slept, ate, laughed, played, and just did life together for 5 days. 6 parents, 6 kids, 3 grandparents. 1 dog. It was blissful chaos and it was my church. Big One, on the second day they were here, you said “my feelings are going to hurt when they leave” and I said “my feelings always hurt when they leave, but that means we love them. It means they’re our people.”

I find myself saying that a lot lately– “my people, our people, he has people.” We’re working on something for one of our littlest people and it’s going to take our whole village. It’s not a story for today. But it IS a story of second chances. It IS a story where I hear a whisper in my ear every morning “this is right” “live your truth” “he has people.”

So babies, we must know when to be brave and truthful. We must know when our body says “get a second opinion.” We must know when it’s ok to share your JOY and shout it to the rooftops because it’s your church. You are superheroes and the world is yours. On this most beautiful Easter day, YOU are Risen. WE continue to be born again. WE will wake up tomorrow to take on the world with all our hearts.


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