Can’t go over it, can’t go under it…

Let your freak flag fly!
Let your freak flag fly!
Lucky for you babies, I went to sleep-away camp multiple times and then worked at a day camp for 4 summers. I have camp songs for days. You find this entertaining now and will be horribly embarrassed in about 10 years. It’s gonna be awesome, trust me.

One song in particular popped into my brain this week, “Lion Hunt.”

We can’t go over it, can’t go under it, guess we’ll have to go THROUGH it.

Then you stomp your feet and rub your hands and run THROUGH “it”: the raging river, the dark tunnel, the lion on your heels. And the song goes on and on through various terrifying situations (seriously, kid songs, ammiright?). I think that’s the best description I have of where we all are right now: we are GOING THROUGH IT. You are along with me on my personal adventure through tunnels and over raging rapids– and honestly, I am ok. I’ve had people ask if I need to speak to someone, ahem, professionally; if I want meds; if I am really “just” tired. And the answer is, I am more authentic in this moment in our lives than probably ever before.

One manifestation of this is being President of the Fuck It Club. We have many members and our motto is, well, Fuck It. Meaning, if you are feeling something or want to do something or feel like running til your legs fall off- (say “fuck it” and) DO IT. Rest assured world, I am telling you the truth these days cause the energy it takes to put on a happy face is a lot and my reserves are low. So when I am smiling, I am really, authentically happy. If I am introspective, chances are, I am thinking. If I look exhausted, I am. But I’ll take a nap or a break, and be back.

In a way, this is liberating. I mean, who are we putting on all these airs for anyway? Why haven’t I always just been myself? Well, because we live in a society and a time where your public profile is everything and people know how you feel before you’re even fully feeling it. I am a serious selfie taker (there’s a whole thing on how that makes me a narcissist or a psychopath…whatevs) and filter user, so I have complete control over how the world perceives me through this little inter-webbed land of screens. And so, where before I was putting it out there for people to be like “oooh girlfriend has it TOGETHER” now I am all “holy shit I’m a little broken, but so are all of you. Cool.”

Babies, learn this with me k? Note: as toddlers, this is NOT actually a challenge for you. I mean, you will hurl yourselves on the floor in the middle of Target with straight up wild abandon, striking fear in all those (me) who cross you. So perhaps my ask is that you, ahem, refine your technique, but stay true to who you are. Be a part of the Fuck It Club. Let your freak flag fly. Be someone authentic so that others may let their guard down around you too– that’s where the real stuff of life is.


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