Incredible kindness.

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Hey babies, wow! This has been a whirlwind of a week and I am unwinding with a glass of Malbec and some cheese and (gluten free) crackers… just soaking it all in. I also may or may not have just gotten back from a Target trip. Like, an epic one. What? Towels are utilitarian. Even the cute little monogrammed guest bathroom-y ones.

Today brought more Fred conversations and news and the realization that, actually, we need a second opinion. I don’t want to give Fred more than his 15 minutes of fame (as he is surely well on his way out of the spotlight, he will NOT stick around), but I do want to tell you that in the face of uncertainty, you can most definitely count on the goodness of people. “Look for the helpers” because they are sure to be there.

The world we live in is a crappy one at times– but when you are handed a shit-sandwich, BOY does the universe spin on her heels and shock the bejeezus out of you. This news isn’t even what I would consider, like, news, but people have SHOWN up for me and for us in ways I couldn’t expect. Today I had a totally unrelated doctor appointment, but of course told him about what was going on, and oh, did he happen to have an opinion?

He looked into my eyes and said “Get it out. Now.” And he talked to me about his practice (dermatology, of all the things! I should have hit em up for some pity botox…), and “if this was his daughter” and then, THEN, he scribbled his cell phone number onto a prescription pad and said “You call me anytime. If you are in a doctor appointment and don’t know what to ask, or feel stuck, you CALL.” My eyes filled with tears of grace. He really humbled me with his just over-the-top sincerity and obvious “IN-ness” that he was feeling about me and my weird case of Fred and such. He was squarely on my team. A team I didn’t know I’d be assembling 10 days ago.

Babies, there’s always a lesson, so 1) look for the helpers because the kindness is surely there and 2) take something from your shit-sandwich and turn it into lemonade. Or gold. Or rainbow unicorn hair. And 3) pay that GRACE forward. I have always tried to be someone who does kind things, things that are a little above and beyond, humble, and sincere. But NOW, now that we’ve had our little brush with Fred, I am trying to turn it into a mission to be the first damn one in the Paying It Forward line of life. And the Target line. Cause sometimes, that Nate Berkus and his perfect towels are aggressive in their need to come home with you.


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